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What does HL7 do?

When thinking about what HL7 does, what it is paid for, who gets the value, and who provides the resources, I have come up with the following headings for the things that HL7 does.

The last two are delivered through meetings that are funded by registration and sponsorship, and through electronic services to members (telcons, website, mailing lists, newsletters etc).

The first three are far more interesting - while HL7 does create a lot of value in these areas, there is no real link between who pays for that value to be created, and who benefits from it. Only recently has work stared to look at quantifying what the value is, who realises it, and how HL7 can capture a portion of that value for reinvestment. Something for a future post...

The headings are:

  • Publish and distribute standards
  • Facilitate standards development
  • Maintain a Specification Development Methodology
  • Networking for healthcare interoperability and informatics business
  • One stop shop for healthcare interoperability issues

By Charlie McCay