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MIE2018 HL7 DataThon

We are preparing for the HL7 DataThon at the Medical Informatics Europe conference in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 23rd-26th April. At the DataThon, attendees will be trained in the use of the HL7 FHIR standard and the International Patient Summary profile, with the aim of developing unique user experiences for innovative FHIR asthma apps. Ramsey Systems are supporting the DataThon by preparing a dataset, to include the FHIR resources and health records, for 100,000 synthetic Nordic patients, relating to asthma.

We have developed an asthma pathway and generated a synthetic population based on openly available statistics and Census data for the Nordic countries. This means that the digital outputs generated when the synthetic population are run through the pathway are free from privacy restrictions and hence safe and effective for use by developers, business analysts and start-ups building innovative healthcare solutions at such events. The pathway has been developed based on the GINA and UpToDate asthma guidelines, along with clinical input from a Medical Advisory Board.

It should be clear that this is not meant to provide a decision support tool for individual patient care. We are using pathways to identify the relevant information items and model the digital outputs to be used by the Digital Health companies to learn how to read and write FHIR data items that are relevant to the care of asthma sufferers.

DataThon agenda

The DataThon will start with a tutorial focused on FHIR, conducted by Mr Ewout Kramer from Firely, to introduce and train attendees in using HL7 FHIR standards. Teams will then be able to use the synthetic patient data to create innovative solutions that aim to realise the value of information for patients and healthcare providers, concerning asthma. Following the DataThon, participants will have the opportunity to present their solutions at an 'open' hearing with a panel of experts from the medical field. Solutions will be judged by the Medical Advisory Board, and participants awarded with certificates for participation. The DataThon is aimed at App Developers, User Experience Specialists, Business Analysts and Start-Ups interested in exploring patient data, gaining experience in HL7 FHIR resources, profiles and tools and learning how to use the International Patient Summary in their products.

We look forward to meeting all of the attendees and engaging in some fruitful discussions about the benefits of synthetic data in digital health.

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