• To care appropriately means to share appropriately (Caldicott 2)

    Your partner for effective healthcare information sharing

  • Spotlight: End of Life Care

    We partner with the Gold Standards Framework for End of Life Care, providing training and practical support for organisations implementing the GSF. 

    Better information sharing in End of Life Care builds a foundation of better information sharing for all patients with long term conditions.

    Improving End of Life Care...

    ...is surprisingly important for saving money and increasing effectiveness across the whole health system, so no wonder it is a focus of attention for the Care Quality Commission, NICE and other regulators.

    • At least 50% of the total healthcare costs for an individual are incurred in the final year of life.
    • Better management and co-ordination of care for patients in their final year of life has been shown to reduce hospital admissions and improve patient outcomes in the final year, on validated measures of 'living well until you die'.

    Information sharing...

    ...is the key to better management and co-ordination of care. Information sharing improvements motivated by strategic attention to End of Life Care have knock-on benefits for many more patients with long term conditions.

  • Architecture - plus Interoperability

    Sharing healthcare information depends on appropriate information systems, and effective and appropriate connections between them.

    Our services

    ...support suppliers, healthcare providers and regional and national initiatives to ensure that the information sharing that matters to them is done as efficiently and productively as possible.


    Our services include:

    • Strategy
    • Project Management
    • Enterprise & Solution Architecture
    • Standards and Interoperability advice, guidance and training
    • Technical editing and content development for standards and specifications


  • Our Expertise

    Through many projects about information sharing and interoperability, we have in-depth subject matter expertise as well as broad experience and insight.

    For example:

    • HL7® standards including HL7® FHIR®: we offer a facilitated workshop to help you apply FHIR® to your information sharing and integration requirements.
    • Medical Imaging including large scale use of the DICOMSM standard for data integration.
    • Document Management and Electronic Forms: reducing use of paper and easing migration from paper to digital processes.
    • Supporting patient engagement and self-management, and fuller communications between healthcare professionals and patients and carers, through digital services (apps).
    • Analysis and design of integration payloads, using interoperability standards where appropriate together with other techniques such as Domain Specific Languages.
  • What we do

    We help you care appropriately by helping you share healthcare information

    as efficiently and productively as possible.

    For example:

    • We can help you tackle a specific problem in a short series of focussed workshops.
    • One of our consultants can work alongside your team for a period to transfer knowledge and establish good practice.
    • We can provide flexible ongoing support through the lifespan of a longer programme of work.