Ramsey Systems works with national initiatives, healthcare projects, suppliers, healthcare providers and universities to ensure that healthcare information sharing is done as efficiently and productively as possible. 

Ramsey Systems is a small specialist consultancy led by its founder Charlie McCay.  It provides independent advice on how to make the best use of clinical information, in particular on how to share that information in a way that is good for the patient, improves clinical saftey, and saves or makes money.

Support for interoperability projects may be anything from taking responsibility for developing and maintaining the full suite of specifications and providing technical leadership to the program or project, to
attending or running  a one day review workshop.

Ramsey Systems is active in the development of HL7, CEN and ISO healthcare standards, and works with national healthcare programs as well as national and international companies, projects and organizations to identify where standards can partition the complexities of how healthcare information is processed.